Community Alert

We were involved in some of the first legitimate rural community based CCTV projects and have a lot of experience in this field. Using LPR Licence Plate Recognition or ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology at road junctions in and out of specific areas can help speed up the task of the Gardai tracking down perpetrators who have commited a crime in that area or a neighbouring area. In any of the areas where these types of systems have been installed the incidents of crime has significantly reduced.


Community Alert Grants

The department of Justice are now offering grants of up to €40,000 for these schemes please contact us and we can offer advice on this.

For more details please refer to the Community Based CCTV web page on the Department of Justice website.

GSM Monitoring

GSM monitoring is more secure than landline as it works over the mobile network and therefore is not as easy to disable from outside the building. As demand for this service has greatly increase over recent years so has the pricing.